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FREE NLIS tags! Simply order 100+ tags and receive 25 tags FREE for every 100 bought.

To take advantage of this offer simply order tags online as usual, add 25 tags for every 100 and use the code NLISFREE at checkout.

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The Os-E30 electronic tag for cattle is accredited for NLIS in Australia and is also approved as an official device for electronic  identification in many other countries.

The Os-E30 will fit both Allflex Universal and Drivers applicators by inserting the FREE pin supplied with each order.

The Os-E30 tag is ICAR (International Committee for Animal recording) approved and ISO11784 and ISO 11785 accredited.

These accreditations ensure compatibility with electronic scales, reading equipment and other installations that also comply with the standards.

*FREE DELIVERY is subject to a minimum order value of $100+GST