Queensland & NT NLIS Tags

In Queensland, to order an approved NLIS device or tag you must first obtain an ‘Application for Permanent NLIS Device‘ signed by an inspector. This application is available from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) offices where inspectors are located. Contact Biosecurity Queensland Service Centre; Call 13 25 23 for assistance

For more information visit the website here: Biosecurity Queensland

In the Northern Territory, stock owners are responsible for sourcing devices directly from manufacturers and can do so using 4tags.com. The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries (DPIF) does not play any part in the ordering or supply of RFIDs.

Regional contacts for Regional Livestock Biosecurity Officers can be found: HERE

For more information visit the website here: NT NLIS.

For more information about NLIS tag markings and year numbers download the PDF here: NLIS Device No’s

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